The studio perfects contemporary forms and finds new means of expression for spectacular, credible, artistically valuable and above all safe staging of fencing performances. It brings together interested actors, dancers, historical fencers and stuntmen. During regular training they improve their fencing and fighting skills, designed for the eye of the beholder.

Stage Fin


Studio of stage combat

The studio combines a wide range of techniques and practices. It teaches: fencing with stabbing, chopping, striking and wooden weapons, whip, firearms, fire and throwing weapons and other weapons and technologies. The lessons are aimed at learning and mastering not only fencing techniques, but also movement aesthetics and contemporary manners. The final work is a joint public demonstration.

The technologies used by the stage combat studio are systems taught by an expert in the reconstruction of ancient martial arts ing. Peter Koza from Bratislava. Petr Nůsek A.R.G.O. has diversified them with knowledge gained from many years of experience as a fencer, teacher and arranger of historical fights. A number of interesting procedures were included after consultation with other recognized capacities not only in the Czech Republic and throughout Europe, but also in the USA.

William Hobbs – stage combat UK; Eduard Vágner, RNDr. Pavel Plch – theatrical fencing and specialist in cold weapons of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic; Leoš Stránský – stuntman of “Filmka” Czech Republic; Silvestr Zezula – trainer of sport fencing; Chovanec – Kendo; Grebner – fencing NDR; Hulle – menzur fencing Germany; Hodač – escrima; Pavel Vokoun, ing. Petr Barvík and others.