Motto: “Becoming a knight is not just about learning to sword, shoot a bow and ride a horse”.


A.K.A. doesn’t have chivalry in the name just for effect. Chivalry is still synonymous with respect, humility, self-control, honesty, courage and many other qualities that are slowly disappearing from today’s everyday life. Chivalry accompanies its adept not only in battle, but also in civilian life.

The youngest student of A.K.A. is 8 years old, the oldest is 84.
A surprising number of girls and women study historical fencing.
The studios are open not only in Prague, but also in Tábor and České Budějovice.

What we teach:

Our students learn to control not only movement techniques, but also their own emotions; to understand their opponent’s behavior and anticipate their reactions; to work with their fear; to lead others, but also to submit to the interest of the whole team. The amount and difficulty of the work varies according to the student’s level and ambition.

The learning system allows you to start at any time during the year.

The first year of training is designed to master the elementary skills necessary for orientation in combat with cold weapons and mastering one’s own motor skills. Pupils slowly get acquainted with the different fencing styles. They learn to understand the struggle in the context of the historical period, the philosophy of the time, social classes, etc.

In the second year, they choose the field of study that is closest to them and divide into groups – Ateliers.

French, Spanish, Italian or German school of fencing? Saber school? The archery and horse riding studios are open to all interested persons without distinction.
As well as all additional events (lectures, weekend seminars, etc.).

Every year the pupils present their art at public exhibitions, e.g. at the Five-Leaved Rose Festival in Český Krumlov or the Tábor meetings.

Students’ progress is evaluated once every six months during semi-public examinations – “approbations”. In addition to lecturers and the school principal, parents and friends of the apprentices may also participate in the apprenticeship.

Graduates of A.K.A.

in film and theatre fencing, working in their own groups or helping us teach new beginners.