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Date of birth: 21. 4. 1967

Fencing since: 1980

Teaches from: 1990

Magisterium: master of stagefighting, sub-master of German, Italian, French and sabre schools

Professional choreographer, teacher and consultant in period fencing and fighting, specialist in weapons and armour for film, theatre, fencer in fencing performances and shows, fighter, fencing and acting double in film. Sport fencing (fleret).

He oversees all of A.K.A.’s studios, selecting and leading the professional teams of Swordsmen, Warriors, Centaur and Nemesis.
Professional profile: www.warriors.cz (A.R.G.O. film team)


theatre and film
teaching, Czech and European projects


He brings experience from dozens of foreign internships, collaborations, film projects, teaching actors and stuntmen to his teaching.
Professional lecturer approved for fencing with historical weapons – Magisterium (school of European historical martial arts).
Currently, he is the only Czech educator engaged in systematic teaching of sabre fighting used before 1800.