Date of birth: 4. 2. 1980

Fencing since: since birth

Teaches from: 2013

school teacher: italian school

AKA and me:

“After my experience in various martial sports (aikidio, tai-chi) I was attracted by the opportunity to learn the traditional European style of fighting. As soon as I learned about the existence of A.K.A., I started attending its classes. I am a trained teacher, so the opportunity to guide new enthusiastic people and help them discover the basic principles of fencing appealed to me immediately. I understand it as a full-fledged martial art, I enjoy researching its laws and techniques, along with translations of the old masters, and performing them functionally under the guidance of the current ones. I would recommend A.K.A. to everyone who is interested in fencing, whether in the concept of LH, stage combat or kunst. Beginning fencers will receive important information on safe weapon handling and the principles underlying all fencing. For people who are drawn to staging fights, there’s a really great opportunity to work your way up and get into film or theatre. I believe that everyone will find his or her own cup, a lecturer who appeals to him or her in a way that suits his or her nature and focus. I emphasize the effectiveness and functionality of what I pass on, the timeliness of the information based on the study of the old masters and the verification of the correctness of the techniques performed.”

Since 2009 he has been fencing under A.K.A, his heart’s affair has been the Italian school. He started fencing with long rapier and German school in 2012 under A.K.A., under the guidance of Petr Vytopil he continues to train in the technique of the Italian school. He is mainly interested in the reconstruction of the style according to the individual Italian masters, mostly from the 16th century. In 2013 he became an assistant lecturer at the courses in České Budějovice.

The main part of Peter’s free time is taken up by history and everything related to it, from researching his own family tree to studying Italian masters such as Giganti and Fabris. Then it is almost all literature or films. But his first priority is his family.