A.K.A. ,

Date of birth: 8. 3. 1983

Fencing since: since birth

Teaches from: 2007

teacher of schools: german, italian

Fencing and me:

“I got into fencing through fantasy, I have that in common with a lot of my students. I am therefore very happy to be able to bring them to a kind of signpost, to show them the possibilities that the art of fencing offers. What I enjoy about my work as a lecturer is motivating people, watching them make progress, and seeing how through new horizons they often find new, previously unsuspected interests, such as a love of theatre, staging stage combat and the preparation that goes with it.”

Fencing since 2004, attended seminars under the guidance of Peter Kozy, Bork Belfín, Petr Vytopil in the Magisterium system, further education and cooperation with Petr Nůsk and Mirek Khun. assisting in the establishment of A.K.A. studios in České Budějovice, where he has been working since 2007 as a lecturer focusing on the German and Italian schools. He is also involved in SWMT team training and staged combat in film/theatre fencing. He participated recreationally in several tournaments, his latest success is the second place in sword fighting at the Kubelík’s Sword 2014 tournament.

He gained a lot of experience not only in the fencing profession on projects in which he participated under the A.R.G.O. agency. Among the most important are the preparation of actors for fight choreography in musicals, regular cooperation with the Kalich Theatre and the Rotating Auditorium in Český Krumlov. He also participated in foreign projects, such as the gladiatorial games in Sicily.

In his free time, Čenda broadens his own horizons by trying new things in all sorts of fields, he does not shy away from adrenaline sports. He enjoys horseback riding, climbing and airsoft. “Fencing is a relaxation and a great challenge for me at the same time, I try to show my students by my own example that the hobby of running around forests and castles and playing at being a knight can be elevated to a serious level. In whatever direction they choose to go. A.K.A. is here not only to reveal these possibilities to people, but also to mediate them.