Date of birth: 21. 6. 1984

Fencing since: since birth

Teaches from: 2009

school lecturer: basics of fencing

AKA and me:

“Working with people is interesting in itself. It’s a tremendously uplifting feeling to see students’ progress – there is a certain accountability that makes a teacher a teacher. I would say the classic: If you want to seduce, as they say, your body and mind, A.K.A. will help you. But the biggest part is within yourself. From my experience, I see the biggest advantage in the really wide space for realization that it offers. Newcomers who are determined to get to specific projects have the opportunity, they don’t have to spend 2 years in a body shop. A.K.A. not only introduces people to individual pathways and prepares them for potential implementation (as most schools do) but can help you to a specific engagement. It will not only get you started, but it will provide you with a background, the benefits of expert guidance from an established and experienced team, and can take you very high in your chosen field. It depends on individual motivation – as I said – the biggest part is in yourself.”

He’s always been close to history. Like every boy, he ran around the forest with a wooden sword and fought his friends head to head. In 2006, he noticed a reference to Petr Nusek’s training at the Tábor meetings, found out that he was teaching in Prague (where he was currently studying) and fell for fencing like nothing else until then. In the following years he also studied under other contemporary Magisterium lecturers, the most valuable experience he gained from week-long tours of the French school with Peter Koza. To broaden his qualifications, he attended stunt workshops with Pavel Vokoun, several acting seminars with Martin Sochor, shooting workshops with Mirek Kuhn and Petr Theimer, and archery with Petr Hroš. In a relatively short time he added Die Deutchen: Karl Marx und der Klassenkampf and Borgia to his professional fencing CV. He is also involved in the preparation of town festivals, children’s days and events at Housův Mýn in Tábor. He has performed in a composite program for the Vintage at Grébovec, at the Budoshow, and collaborated on a motion study for the Czech game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Since 2009 he has been a lecturer of A.K.A. fencing basics, conducts weekend seminars, assists at advanced studios and workshops.

Philip has always been fascinated by guns, and not just historical ones. “Sometimes we go airsoft with friends, and I also like to play on the computer, but after the birth of my daughter, she is my main hobby now :-)”